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Distances from Antananarivo

Distances from Antananarivo to the largest cities and places in Madagascar. Have a closer look at the distances from Antananarivo to the largest places in Madagascar.

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Distances from Antananarivo to the largest places in Madagascar
Nandihizana Nandihizana1.5,00019 km 12 mishow
Anjepy Anjepy2.6,00020 km 13 mishow
Alarobia Alarobia3.16,00022 km 13 mishow
Sambaina Sambaina4.7,00026 km 16 mishow
Manjakandriana Manjakandriana5.31,84028 km 17 mishow
Ambohitrolomahitsy Ambohitrolomahitsy6.17,00028 km 18 mishow
Miadanandriana Miadanandriana7.10,00029 km 18 mishow
Ambohitseheno Ambohitseheno8.6,00031 km 19 mishow
Ambohitrandriamanitra Ambohitrandriamanitra9.8,00032 km 20 mishow
Mantasoa Mantasoa10.10,00033 km 21 mishow
Ankazondandy Ankazondandy11.16,00035 km 22 mishow
Sadabe Sadabe12.17,00036 km 22 mishow
Ambatolaona Ambatolaona13.5,00038 km 24 mishow
Arivonimamo Arivonimamo14.21,98239 km 24 mishow
Merikanjaka Merikanjaka15.8,00041 km 26 mishow
Ambatolampy Ambatolampy16.28,46154 km 33 mishow
Anjozorobe Anjozorobe17.19,02767 km 42 mishow
Moramanga Moramanga18.29,21273 km 45 mishow
Ankazobe Ankazobe19.15,72280 km 50 mishow
Faratsiho Faratsiho20.37,56382 km 51 mishow
Antanifotsy Antanifotsy21.70,62685 km 53 mishow
Soavinandriana Soavinandriana22.40,45389 km 55 mishow
Miandrarivo Miandrarivo23.27,000101 km 63 mishow
Soanindrariny Soanindrariny24.21,000114 km 71 mishow
Fenoarivo Be Fenoarivo Be25.19,605115 km 72 mishow
Antsirabe Antsirabe26.186,253118 km 74 mishow
Betafo Betafo27.29,785125 km 78 mishow
Marolambo Marolambo28.26,160140 km 87 mishow
Fandriana Fandriana29.31,437148 km 92 mishow
Ambatondrazaka Ambatondrazaka30.43,134152 km 95 mishow
Tsiroanomandidy Tsiroanomandidy31.27,060158 km 98 mishow
Ampasimanolotra Ampasimanolotra32.21,000162 km 100 mishow
Amparafaravola Amparafaravola33.51,519165 km 102 mishow
Andovoranto Andovoranto34.10,429166 km 103 mishow
Mahanoro Mahanoro35.39,879172 km 107 mishow
Ambositra Ambositra36.30,353183 km 113 mishow
Ambatofinandrahana Ambatofinandrahana37.25,997198 km 123 mishow
Sahavato Sahavato38.28,000206 km 128 mishow
Nosy Varika Nosy Varika39.37,152213 km 133 mishow
Toamasina Toamasina40.206,373215 km 133 mishow
Sahatavy Sahatavy41.10,000225 km 140 mishow
Miandrivazo Miandrivazo42.20,631229 km 142 mishow
Bemaitso Bemaitso43.8,000230 km 143 mishow
Maevatanana Maevatanana44.24,000231 km 144 mishow
Vohibinany Vohibinany45.25,311235 km 146 mishow
Tsaratanana Tsaratanana46.16,761236 km 147 mishow
Vavatenina Vavatenina47.36,916239 km 148 mishow
Andilamena Andilamena48.19,750239 km 148 mishow
Mahavelona Mahavelona49.7,987249 km 155 mishow
Fenoarivo Atsinanana Fenoarivo Atsinanana50.21,036261 km 162 mishow

1 - 50 of 118 places
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